What to do with old assorted clothes ?

Updated: Oct 8

You just recently assorted old Clothes from your closet ? You don’t know what to do with it ? Neither can you sell it nor you wanna waste it ? We have a very sustainable solution for you. We want to implement our preloved clothing collect program, where customers can send their clothes to us, and we can take care of it in means of recycling or upcycling. Resulting there will be minimum waste and the clothes get another life. We pay for the shipping cost, and in return for your donation we give you a gift in means of a voucher for our shop.

What we do.

We want to give clothes another life. The fashion industry produces tonnes of waste and pollutes the environment. Especially fast fashion accelerates that. We collect preloved clothes and see a new life in it. We recycle it to something completely new, or simply up-cycle it by just changing the length or add some more value to it. Like this, the clothes dont have to get wasted. Instead they are wearable again and for sure 100% unique. There won’t be a second similar piece, only this special item for you. Each item will be hand made and reworked. We also wash each garment with eco friendly laundry detergent from Seepje.

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in our contact form, send us a direct message on instagram or send us an email.

  2. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  3. We will send you a shipping code (if you live in the Netherlands) or we will ask you to send us the receipt of the shipping label you bought and we will make a transfer to your bank account.

  4. As soon as we received your package, we will send you a voucher for our shop.

We would love to read comments, ideas and recommendations. You can also ask us any question xx

Unique Pieces - hand-picked and carefully crafted. 

Drobe is a vintage clothing online shop, offering a range of unique reworked pieces to counteract fast fashion and enhancing the life-cycle of clothes.

We collect all the clothes from Vintage and Second Hand Markets or Dead Stock. 

Customers don’t have to fear to see that unique piece twice, due to the fact that each piece is a peculiarity. 

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