Upcycling: Vintage Clothes

Updated: Oct 8

Every Day a new Trend. The fashion industry and its common phenomena of fast fashion shows new glam over and over. Trends change by day, what was cool yesterday is old tomorrow. Shelves are filled hourly with new styles. But unfortunately behind the scenes it is not that beautiful. Millions of tons of waste, pollution and exploitation are behind that.

To tackle fast fashion and to make it more sustainable, Drobe and many other companies, as well as private persons at home began to upcycle, or rework old trends. That means to collect items no one wants to wear any more, and create a completely new wearable fashion piece out of it. Like this, waste will be reduced and these items are completely unique and stylish again.

We will show you different items before and after refashioning.

Here we collected a men's Vintage Polo Tee. We liked the graphic on it and its fabric. So we basically shortened it and used a stretch cord. So now it has this oversized Vintage look. It is also a women's shirt now. See how it looks now.

Now it is a Polo Crop Top.

This was an older Pants, very huge (XL). But it had a nice and soft fabric (viscose), perfect for a skirt. See how it looks after Upcycling.

This was a basic Vintage cotton Tee, which we simply reworked to a tie dye Crop Top. You can find this and many more unique pieces in our Depop Store.

This was a used denim mom jeans. We cut out matching pieces from other Jeans, so that this jeans is stylish and wearable again. Also unique and available in our Depop store.

Unique Pieces - hand-picked and carefully crafted. 

Drobe is a vintage clothing online shop, offering a range of unique reworked pieces to counteract fast fashion and enhancing the life-cycle of clothes.

We collect all the clothes from Vintage and Second Hand Markets or Dead Stock. 

Customers don’t have to fear to see that unique piece twice, due to the fact that each piece is a peculiarity. 

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