Frequently asked questions

What is Drobe ?

Drobe is an inspiring fashion label, which offers a unique and limited series of up-cycled vintage clothes. Each item is hand-chosen and reworked individually. Resulting there will only be one unique piece and no copy or similar one. The fashion industry, especcially fast fashion, produces tonnes of waste each year. To tackle that, Drobe reworks Dead Stock, Vintage Clothes or Donations in means of clothes to something brand new and wearable. Each individual item will be chosen wisely, and cleaned before manufacturing. We make sure to use only clothes in good condition, without stains, for up-cycling procedure.

What does Rework/ Upcycling mean ?

Each item in our Shop is an hand-chosen Vintage piece or a Piece from Dead Stock, which our designers recreated to something brand new. So each piece is completely unique, and there wont be a second one of it. Up-cycling means, we create something new out of it, so it wont become waste. See for example our Polo Crop Tops. These were old and boring Polo Shirts before, discrded as waste. Drobe took these shirts, and created a series of stylish and unique crop tops out of it.

Why do you only offer pieces in one size ?

Due to the fact that each piece is unique, its common that it cannot vary in size. Some pieces are small, some are large.

Can i return my order ?

Yes, of course you can return your order. For this, you have 14 days after delivery to do so.

What does the shipping cost ?

The shipping costs €7,50 inside the netherlands. Delivery for Orders over €100 will be free of charge.

Are all your clothes worn before ?

No, not all clothes were worn before. We have pieces made out of Dead-Stock, so they were discarded from other Fashion brands. After manufacturing we use some pieces for photos, so it can be possile that this specific item was worn by one of our models before for a shooting.

Where do I find your Return and Refund Policy ?

You can find our Return and Refund Policy here.

How is Drobe environmentally friendly ?

We are recreating new fashion out of old fashion, which would be waste otherwise. The fashion industry is producing millions of tonnes each year of waste. To tackle that, we use dead-stock, Vintage clothes or clothing Donations to reuse these textiles.

A product/item is damaged, what should I do ?

In case that you are unhappy with your order, please let us know. We will figure out a solution for your satisfaction. Here you can contact us.

I have another/ not mentioned question. Where can I contact the support ?

Here is our contact page.

Where can I leave a review ?

We would love to receive a review from you. Currently you can leave reviews on google or Instagram, or send us an email via our contact form. We are working on a space on our website for product reviews.

Where do the clothes come from ?

All used clothes come from either dead-stock, clothing donations or Vintage markets. We choose each item by hand to recreate it.

Do you deliver to other countries than Netherlands and Germany ?

Currently we only deliver inside the netherlands or to Germany. We are working on a wider and more global customer base.

How can I become a Drobe Model ?

We are always looking for new Models in The Area Around The Hague. If you are female and over 18, please fill out our contact form and tell us about yourself. We would love to get to know you.