The Why


Approximately 4.5 million tons of clothes are wasted every year due to the fast fashion industry. We transform these wasted materials into super unique  designer items. One of a kind pieces only. Be sustainable. But be it in a cool way tho.

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About Drobe

Drobe Store is a clothing label based near Cologne, Germany, founded in 2020. We specialized in upcycling, creating new unique clothing from preloved, vintage or deadstock, and sew customized and personalized clothing.


We want to combine ethical aspects with high fashion. Creating unique pieces from second hand, reducing waste, give clothing a second life and giving away environmental friendly and useful gifts combined with sewing very individual high fashion items for our customers. 


Drobe Store a clothing brand for individuals who love to play with their self expression, while taking a socially responsible step against pollution, exploitation and cruelty. We want to give our customers a way of self expression due fashion in a very responsible way. 




Sustainability is our WHY. Social responsibility is our WHY. 

Even our packaging is recycled and bio degradable. We sew the products bags from old fashion magazines and every customer receives a personilzed and handmade gift.